Minister Urges Players Struggling Abroad To Come Home

Deputy youth and sports minister calls on Ghana Football Association to make a conscious effort to persuade unsuccessful pros to return home.

There have been calls for struggling Ghanaian players based abroad to come back home and play in the Ghana Premier League.

There are also talks that the Ghana top flight needs quality players to boost crowds following the displays of veterans Godwin Attram, Richard Kinston, Fatau Dauda and Dan Quaye since joining the league.

Many have suggested that some of the struggling foreign-based players should emulate the former Ghana players by coming to ply their trade in the domestic league.

Deputy Sports Minister Vincent Oppong Asamoah has urged the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and other stakeholders of the game to make a conscious effort in bringing back some of the Ghanaian players who are warming benches or on slave contracts abroad.

 “In fact there have been some discussions with some GFA officials to try and make a conscious effort to attract some of the players struggling to get playing time abroad,” Asamoah told Joy FM.

“Lots of our players are out there warming benches. If we can bring back these guys I think stadiums would be full.

“There should be a conscious effort. The GFA and all stakeholders should come together to ensure that we get the quality that we all need.”

In a related development, GFA chief Kwasi Nyantakyi has acknowledged the positive impact of the four returnees on the league, reckoning that such moves would help project the quality of the game in the West African country.

 “One of the reasons why people don’t watch the local league is because they don’t know much about the players,” Nyantakyi told the Ghana FA site.

“They don’t know their exploits, potentials and abilities. However, if you have people who have played in Europe, well known that are coming back here, it would add a lot of shine to the league,” he said.