Gospel Songstress Maame Felicia Reveals Why She Was Burnt

On Channel R’s 205 Total Entertainment hosted by Christian Agyei Frimpong last Friday 24th April 2015, inspirational gospel songstress Maame Felicia who released her latest song not long ago revealed  an accident she had that turned her life around.

According to Maame Felicia, it all started when she was sent to the village by her parents to spend days with her grandparents. During her stay at kwahu Mamfe with her grandparents, they proposed they went to the farm together but she told them if she went she would be bitten by a snake, so she was left at home. While at home alone, she decided to roast some maize and groundnut.

While struggling to set the fire, she poured kerosene on the fire wood. After setting the fire, she started preparing the maize by stirring. Within a shortest time all that she could realize was fire all over her.

“I was taken to the Roman hospital but I wasn’t healed. People recommended I should be sent to the mortuary because I smelt very bad and everyone thought I was dead. On the way, I was saved by God and that is why I am alive now. I have gone through a lot of challenges and for that matter everything I do I look up to God. This incident happened about six to seven years ago,” she narrated.

She added that there are a lot of things going on in the spiritual real; that most people are not aware of, saying we need Gods favor to face some of these challenges on earth.

When she was asked about her latest song she said: “With my latest song titled Koko W’anim, I think it will go a long way to win souls for Christ and serve other purposes as much as God is involved in my decision making. Three years of being in the music industry, it’s been quite good but very difficult because as a beginner, people keep asking who you are, what is so unique about you. I am focused so I will encourage the new ones coming to stay focused too.”

The gospel artiste who doubles as a motivational speaker has a lot to offer in the music industry.