Socrates Safo To Sue Tinny

Chief Executive of Movie Africa Productions, Socrate Safo, is lacing his boots to sue hip-life musician Sexy Tinny over what he describes as defamatory comments against him in the artiste's newly released song, ‘Socrate Atanfo’, News-One has gathered. “I don’t have a problem with the song, but I feel the insults on my brand and works are defamatory and we all know the laws of Ghana do not allow defamation. The song, ‘Socrate Atanfo’, was better produced because of my criticisms on Tinny. He wanted to prove he can do a better song than ‘Badder Than Them’ and he proved it but as for the insults on my brand, I will take him on. But with the personal attacks on me, I will not hit back at him. I know when he grows, he will realise his childish mistakes. I forgive him so Ghanaians should also forgive him,” Socrate told News-One. Socrate said though the song did not specifically mention his full name, Socrate Safo, it was “speaking about a Ghanaian movie producer by name Socrate who produces bad movies and he used very bad adjectives and insults on the Socrate he was talking about. Now tell me, apart from me, which other Ghanaian movie producer goes by the name Socrate? Tinny even spoke about the Peace FM Entertainment Review incident between us, so it is clear that the song and insults are directed at me and my brand.” The back and forth between Tinny and Socrate started on Peace FM about a fortnight ago when the artiste appeared on the show to promote a remix of his ‘Badder Than Them’ track, featuring Jupiter and Edem. While Socrate thought the new song was put out for a critical and honest review, Tinny and his management said they brought the song for promotional purposes. After the song was played, Socrate said the only thing he could hear in it was the noise from a “badly played or spoilt accordion”. He also told Tinny to be ashamed for paying the sound engineer for the song. Tinny, after the show, told News-One: “I suspect Socrate wanted to provoke me so I come across as a disrespectful person. I got angry but I controlled myself. He insulted me, rubbished my song and attacked my brand. This same Socrate did the same thing to Bisa K’Dei about two weeks ago. But I know my song, ‘Badder Than Them’, is bigger than Socrate and God would be the best judge. “What has the number of children I have and my wife got to do with the song? He told me in the face that at my age if I have four children, it means I was giving birth by heart. He said I am not a role model for his kids. He even said that after listening to my song, it sounded like noise and that all he could hear was noise from an accordion and that I should be ashamed for paying the sound engineer for the song.”