Kumawood Shoots Movie On Accra Floods and Fire Explosion?

The Akan Film industry based in Kumasi popularly known as Kumawood is at it again.

If information and pictures available to Peacefmonline.com is anything to go by, then Ghanaians and particularly Kumawood movie lovers would soon see movie about the tragic floods and gas explosion in Accra on Wednesday evening June 3, 2015.

A picture showing actor Kwadjo Nkansah Lil Win going through rigorous make up to portray a burnt victim in the upcoming movie has just surfaced few days after the incident. ��

A source in Kumasi told Peacefmonline.com that there are indeed a number of productions going on currently and they are all shooting movies based on the unfortunate incident that has claimed about 200 human lives.

The possible title of the upcoming movie is not yet known.

Kumawood is known for shooting and releasing movies based on true live happens in Ghana in the past including �Atta Mortuary man, �Emelia Amanehunu�, �Lydia Akwantuo�, �Brazil Akwantuo� �Castro Amanehunu� among others. ���