Freestyle Friday Mirror Ball This Friday @ Soho!

This Friday June 26th All GPS tracking devices should guide you to the plush SOHO restaurant in the Marina Mall in Airport City for the classic month end celebration called the Mirror Ball.

We are already just about to clock the half way mark of 2015 and nothing refreshes a hard working old school music fanatic than a night of nostalgic experiences.

This month’s version of the Mirror Ball sees the return of the “Free style Friday” party where guests can come decked in their own selections of fashion to crown off the month of June. This has been a particularly difficult month for the whole nation as we experienced the negative effects of the unfortunate fire at circle as well as the flooding that devastated many parts of the capital city and destroyed many homes and properties across the nation.

It all calls for greater vigilance on the part of the general citizenry to do the right thing when it comes to the indiscriminate dumping of refuse as well as the mediocrity when it comes to the enforcement of laws which exist to avoid such unfortunate situations.

Having said that, one must never give up hope for no matter the uphill challenges there are better days are ahead and you can always rely on the Mirror Ball to deliver ample relief for the emotionally battered. Though no song can replace the life of a loved one and no dance moves will make you forget about the destroyed stocks your business had invested in, there is something inspiring and encouraging about meeting your peers at the end of the month to collectively celebrate life and dance the night away to the greatest tunes mixed by the Grandmaster DJ Blow.

Life does go on and Mumm champagne (pronounced Moom) who is one of the world’s leading premium brands in this category of fine beverages will welcome the first hundred guests with a chilled flute of their premium bubbly. There is ample parking and doors open at 10pm with admission still 50 cedis.

The Mirror Ball is brought to you by Tag Team and SOHO restaurant. It is sponsored by Mumm Champagne and supported by Starr103.5fm and Mentos fresh Gum.