Akosua Agyepong On Single Parenthood

Ghanaian musician, Akosua Agyepong has observed that mothers now enjoy single parenting as a result of fathers shedding their responsibilities.

Commenting on why there are not so many songs to celebrate fathers as in the case of mothers, the Eka Bi Nie singer indicated that only fifteen out of hundred fathers are responsible and she does not see the need to record a song for the irresponsible majority to enjoy.

“How many fathers are responsible? Just a handful… About fifteen out of hundred father their children. That explains why someone will wish her mum a happy fathers’ day and add ‘you are both my mum and dad’ when the father is alive. It’s about time some men performed their duties as fathers. A father is supposed to be the head and the mum, the tail; not the other way round. Now if you look at single parenthood, it is very intriguing,” she said on Radio Univers’ Brunch2Lunch.

When show host Abrantepa asked why the minority will not be celebrated through music, the spirited performer said, the irresponsible fathers will enjoy the songs as well. “If you decide to record a song for the few who are fathers, the chunk who are irresponsible will also enjoy so we won’t do it at all. If I have a responsible father, I will send him a text to wish him a happy fathers’ day,” she noted.