X-Doe Descends On Socrates Safo

Daavi Medekuku hit maker Richard Kwasi Afrofi, known in showbiz as Ex Doe, lashed out at controversial movie maker Socrates Safo for calling him stupid. The musician and movie maker engaged in a war of words on Hitz Fm’s Entertainment This Week hosted by MzGee. The battle was triggered by Socrates Safo who described X Doe and ex comrade/Hiplife musician Chicago as ‘unsmart (not smart)’. ‘Decent artistes don’t sell. We are here talking about Chicago and X Doe because I think if there is one group of people who were not smart in this business, its these two guys. X Doe and Chicago they are not smart. That’s why they are struggling (to me) to catch the headlines today…I will say they were a bit stupid in the way they go about their things. They supposed to just sit home and write their scripts’ the movie maker said. Socrates Safo explained that show business lives on hype just like the kayfabe effect in wrestling which he claims is make believe. An irritated X Doe who alleged to have followed the reviews of the movie maker on issues pertaining to show business described him as an attention seeker and rejected the suggestion that he was not smart. ‘It’s not about not being smart. We don’t create false to get money. Don’t use false stuff to get money. You don’t sit down and say let me go and punch these guys to make name because I want to go and sell. People have to talk about me. That makes you have talk about but no content (you will get attention but no substance)’ X Doe laments. The musician says he is matured now and will consult Socrates Safo on how to gain attention by causing controversy if he needs to. X Doe burst out ‘…for now I have moved on way back and we are doing too many big things that are bringing us enough respectable money so that next time when you come on radio and tell us we were not smart enough, being stupid…back in the days I won’t sit down. I will punch him straight and then it will become something else in the studio so that I will make that name he wanted me to make. I don’t know him in the industry when he started. Socrates is nowhere since I came (from Europe) and then I got to know that there is someone on the radio talking more trash. I am like ‘this guy koraa who is he koraa, I don’t know him koraa’. X Doe also admitted that though things are not rosy as they used to, he is not broke as is widely suggested.