Make The Oil Agreement Public - Workers

The Ghana Mines Workers Union (GMWU) on Tuesday appealed to the Government to make public the oil agreement to enable Ghanaians to form informed opinion. This would enable them to make proposals towards acceptable legal document that would be acceptable to all parties in the agreement. A statement signed by Mr Prince Ankrah and Mr John K Bimpong, General Secretary and National Chairman, respectively of the GMWU, said the National Executive Council (NEC) of Union had followed the debate on how the nation should ensure that proceeds from the oil find were used in the interest of communities where the oil is located and the nation in general. It said it was in view of this that the NEC was making the appeal and called on all stakeholders to ensure that environmental, health and safety concerns as well as responsibilities were adequately addressed. Furthermore, Government should pass a law to make it mandatory for mining companies to establish an "Escrow Fund" to cater for employees in cases of unforeseen circumstance such as closure of a mine. It appealed to the Government to expedite the divestiture of the Ghana Consolidated Diamonds (GCD) and make money available for employees' outstanding severance and other entitlements.