Sarkodie's Management Must Wake Up - Nana Fynn

Hilife musician, Nana Fynn, who claims his studio served as the nest that incubated and readied rapper Sarkodie for the industry has admonished his handlers to wake up and manage him well.

Having known Sarkodie who he fondly calls Michael when the rapper (Sarkodie) was barely twelve years old, the musician who doubles as a sound engineer refutes claims that Sarkodie is an arrogant artiste and lays the blame on his handlers.

“I am also an artiste so with people’s personal attitudes towards the way they handle things I have a different character, I handle everyone differently. I want to talk about peoples talent and the way probably people handle him; maybe they want to handle him as a ‘hiphopper’ and that ‘hiphopper’ attitude is conflicting with our natural Ghanaian sensibilities, maybe that’s where the conflict is.

“Somebody is not doing something right, else people won’t be complaining. I haven’t spoken to him in a while but then maybe there is a conflict there, I don’t want to go too much into that but I think somebody will have to wake up one of these days and smell the coffee” he opined.

Asked his thoughts on Sarkodie’s recent collaboration with American rapper Acehood on Hitz FM’s ‘Entertainment this Week’, Nana Fynn who also has a collaboration titled ‘Forever’ with Sarkodie, said the song is not a good work of art, describing the production as poor.

"When you listen to a song or a track you need to get a sense of what's going on. Sarkodie's rap is beautiful, I mean you know my boy; he will always ‘kill’ it but it's from the (problem is from the) production point of view.

“I don't know who handled the production (but) putting two artistes together is not like putting rice and Kontimire stew together; you just don't put them together.

It takes a lot of work, because Sarkodie and Acehood are not producers, they are just artistes, so who was there in the studio putting things together, I don't think the person did a very good job".

Nana Fynn also believes the song does not have a hook.

"As a song writer and I have been writing songs for about three decades, maybe more than that, if you draw a human being without the eye, no matter how beautiful you've put your colours together, people can't look at it for long. The eyes are the doorway to the soul just as the hooks are the doorway to the song you are presenting.

“There are songs that you cannot create a hook or a chorus but for me looking at this song it is (was)an opportunity for Sarkodie to put his foot in the doorway and so maybe like other people did he should have sent over a Ghanaian engineer or producer.

“Something did not work, Sarkodie rapped beautifully, I can't stop listening to the rap.”