Why Is GHAMRO Keeping Our Royalties? - D-Black Asks

D Black in a recent interview with Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra revealed DJ Breezy’s worth when he recruited him to his Black Avenue Music outfit.

The Shaminogbo rapper expressing his disappointment in MUSIGA elaborated how the MUSIGA President’s inability to fight for artists to get what’s due them from GHAMRO is affecting lives of artists.

The rapper sharing the background of his DJ cum in house producer revealed;

“There is this young man who works at my studio; he is signed to Black Avenue Music. When I met DJ Breezy, I don’t think he had even GHc100 to his name.

“Somebody brought him to the studio, he lived in Tema then, sometimes he wouldn’t be able to go back home and would sleep on the floor when everybody had left. He then wakes up later and makes beat and when I wake up he will play it for us. It’s been three years.

“A year after I met him he got nominated for Producer of the Year, the year after he won. He has about twelve hit songs that are playing on the radio in the space of one year. He comes from a poor family in a village. So why is the collection society keeping his royalties.”