�Mazzuma� Is Brand Name For Easiest Online Payment Platform For Ghanaians

Mr. Kofi Gyamfi, Co-founder of the online payment platform called “Mazzuma” has indicated it is the platform which allows every Ghanaian to go on selected online stores that is integrated with “Mazzuma”.

A the launch of the “Mazzuma” at the Airport West Hotel, it was demonstrated as the simplest and easiest payment platform which only requires local mobile money account targeted at people on Ghanaian market.

Speaking to Peacefmonline.com, Kofi Gyamfi explained that “Mazzuma” was built with the user process as a core function which paves way for simplicity as Ghanaians in nature like simple things.

“In building ‘Mazzuma’ the user process was core and we put a lot of extensive effort into building the user’s process. With users especially in our demographics, simplicity is key…don’t like complicated things especially when it comes to technology”, he stated.

Demonstrating how “Mazzuma” works, the Co-founder said “all you need to do is to go to any selected online store that ‘Mazzuma’ is integrated into; hit the pay with Mazzuma option, you enter your mobile money number and then you enter your pin and you are good to go.”

He again indicated there is freedom on Mazzuma when it comes to online payment; stressing that Mazzuma is not just online payment but also a brand that stands for empowerment on the internet as people will be scared to make online transactions.

“This is one key distinction that Mazzuma has over the rest; the user process is also a key factor because we have made it the easiest to use by anybody in Ghana”, he pontificated.