Meet Mzbel & Her Very Expensive �Real Chanel Bag� & Deformed Trainers (PHOTO)

Ghanaian musician-Mzbel wants us to know she does not roll cheap—and therefore, she posed for shots with her chanel bag which she shared on social media.

We do not manufacture Chanel bags behind our desks and yet we can easily spot the quality of a real Chanel bag—and looking at the bag Mzbel is holding, we can’t bring ourselves to believe Chanel will put out there in the market such a low quality looking bag.

We are not saying it’s fake or real—we are just making our observation known.

And considering the track records of some of our top celebrities: being the lovers fake designers, we won’t be shocked if the seemingly cheap bag Mzbel is holding comes off as a fakie.

Perhaps, we should tweet at Chanel and ask them if that’s their real bag out there—since the quality comes off really low.

To be frank, if Mzbel spent a lot of money on this Chanel bag, she should go for her money from the seller and use some to buy a new pair of trainers—because those trainers need urgent replacement.