MUST WATCH: Amanda Jissih Reveals The Fake Lifestyle Of Most Ghanaian Celebs On TV

TV and radio presenter, Amanda Jissih was on Standpoint TV show to discuss ” female celebrities and negative publicity”. The award-winning media personality on the show disclosed that she has heard a lot of people talk evil against her size but she is not worried anymore as she used to years ago because she gets paid at the end of the month.

The Hitz FM presenter told the newly married TV host, Gifty Anti that she mostly blocks people who talk ill about her on social media in order to have time for her job. Mandy Jay as close friends mostly call her disclosed that most female Ghanaian celebrities also toe her lane of preventing bad comments from the public in order to give death ears to them.

Amanda Jissih who said she has blocked over 100 contacts on whatsapp said she loves her body and nothing will make her change. The 100 people she said included her relatives, fans and unknown persons who constantly give negative comments about her size.

Touching on the lifestyle of some Ghanaian celebrities on social media networks, the E-Talk on Gh One host said most Ghanaian celebrities buy followers on social media networks. Amanda on the TV show said the numbers we see on some fanpages of Ghanaian celebrities are not real but they do that for a good reason.

According to the actress and musician, companies will contract a celebrity with huge followers on social media networks to advertise their products than signing a person with few followers as a brand ambassador. This she said leads to some celebrities buying followers on Facebook, twitter, instagram and other platforms.

Amanda Jissih further said these celebrities do that because “we want to make money and if that is the only to make money, then we will do it”

She also said some Ghanaian celebrities pay bloggers to publish bad stories in order to bring attention on them. Amanda Jissih advised that Ghanaian female celebrities should not comment on all bad publications they read about their works. To her, there are certain stories that they should not comment but let it die its natural death.