PHOTOS: Emelia Brobbey And Family Donate To Osu Children�s Home

Children of Osu Children�s Home had lot to drink and eat when actress Emelia Brobbey and her family celebrated a birthday party with the kids. Apart from the food and the drinks the kids received, the family also donated clothing, toiletries among other things for the children. The three hours the actress and her family spent with the kids was beneficially as Emelia promised to feature some of the kids in her movies. Some of the kids who had not seen Emelia Brobbey took pictures. Speaking to Emelia Brobbey in an interview she that the family members after discussion came to a conclusion to put smiles on the faces of these poor kids by donating a few things to the orphanage. �A cousin�s birthday fel on Sunday and we decided to donate items like clothing, toiletries among others and feed over 200 hundred people at the Osu Children�s Home� he said. Emelia who said this is not new to her since her Emelia Brobbey�s Foundation has been doing this charity work for four years added that she is very passionate to help the needy because she did not have easy growing up. The actress who is known for countless movies said so far as she keeps making money, she will keep on donating to the needy because she just can�t sit and watch the needy suffer. �If God has been good to me why shouldn�t I also reach out to someone else. I am blessed with so many things and I feel the right to do is give out so that God blesses you more� she added.