6 Reasons Why Yvonne Nelson Is Still Not Married

1. People think Yvonne is rude

If the recent story by the Nigerian, Eze is anything to go by, then it confirms the widely held view that Yvonne Nelson may be a very rude lady. The first thing any man requires from a woman is respect, and any woman who is considered rude is a no go area for many men especially when the issue of marriage is concerned. Do you remember how Yvonne disrespected her own friend John Dumelo on twitter some months ago?

2. She may be too loud
Yvonne Nelson the producer of Yaa Asantewaa is considered by many to be a ‘Yaa Asantewaa’ herself especially after holding the vigil against dumsor. A loud person is mostly any woman who does not exercise discretion in voicing her views. It seems Yvonne may fall under such category and if indeed she is loud, even though I have reasons to doubt, then that shall put many possible suitors off.

3. She is too beautiful for many men
It is also true that men sometimes shy away from very attractive women for fear of rejection. It takes a lot of courage for a man to approach an average woman but great courage to approach a very beautiful woman , so who knows, it may be that Yvonne is still single because Ghanaian men are yet to develop the balls to capture her heart. Obviously Yvonne is a very attractive young woman.

4. Her relationship with Nigerian’s Iyanya has put many guys off.
One of the few things many real guys do not often want to hear about is who dated their woman and most especially if the man is a superstar musician who made very disparaging remarks about the lady. Yes, that is exactly what happened or at least what Iyanya wanted the world to know about his relationship with Yvonne. This may yet be a reason why many men have decided to keep their diamond rings close to their chests.

5. Yvonne seems to be very busy.
It is very unlikely that Yvonne is too busy to date but it seems that is the impression many women give if they do not want any disturbance from men. Yvonne is a producer and does several other things. This may explain her lack of interest in any serious relationship

6. Her heart is smashed too many times
Whenever any woman’s heart is smashed several times, it becomes very difficult to even trust any man. We pray that Yvonne has not reached that level yet, because that is a very dangerous place to thread. But in all, Yvonne is our girl and we love her no matter what, we wish you the very best in finding the right suitor at God’s appointed time.