Serbian Girl Chases Fmr. Hearts Captain With Pregnancy

Former captain of Accra Hearts of Oak, Moro Abubakar has vehemently denied allegations levelled against him by a Serbian lady who claims she’s pregnant for the Ghanaian footballer.

Moro Abubakar who left the shores of Ghana in August 2014 to join Serbian side Donji Srem on a three-year deal confirmed that the girl in question was his friend but he believed that  her claim of pregnancy was unfounded and just a plot to extort money from him and tarnish his image.

Speaking on Happy FM’s Mid-morning Sports show, the combative midfielder revealed that the girl had contrived to get him to remain in Serbia and subsequently marry her at all cost which he wasn’t interested in, hence the girl’s actions.

“I know the lady very well. She’s called Yovana. She said she wanted some money from me but I told her I don’t have anything to give her so she said she was going to tarnish my image at all cost since I was a footballer. Even a mutual friend of us called Plato told her to stop dragging my name in the mud because I was and she agreed but I’m surprised she has started this again. I have even blocked her number because she doesn’t say anything sensible when she calls.”

Moro, who has a wife and a child in Ghana, further stated clearly that he had no intention of living in Serbia because they were racists and always labelled the blacks as monkeys so Yovana’s wish of getting him to live in Serbia was a non-starter.

“She wants me to keep staying in Serbia and marry her but I told her my visa had even expired and there was no way I could return to Serbia. I see her to be an opportunist and I don’t trust her. I know she even has a Nigerian boyfriend whom she’s been going to visit quite frequently. She even told a friend of mine is that all she wants from me is money.” Moro Abubakar told Happy FM.

Moro Abubakar cancelled his contract with the Serbian side over their inability to fulfil their part of the contractual agreement and is currently training in Ghana.