Kweku Baako Takes Gov't To The Cleaners

An emotionally charged Malik Kweku Baako, has taken the ruling administration to the cleaners for its poor handling of the School Feeding Programme (SFP). Mr. Baako described as a �national disgrace, the ruckus that characterized yesterday�s event. �It�s disgraceful and pathetic�amateurish, it�s a national disgrace regardless of the motives for wanting to do changes or not,� he said. The Editor-In-Chief of the �New Crusading Guide�, who was speaking on PEACEFM�s �Kokrokoo�, said granted though that there were discrepancies in the programme based on audit findings, the NDC, in its attempt to unravel them, ended up creating more confusion. �They�re those who decided this is messy, we want to actually reverse the mess, and this is how we�re going about it. And look at the mess. In getting out of a messy situation, you�ve created more mess and you go on radio and TV, explaining and rationalizing and seeking refuge in problems you�ve identified�rationalize your incompetence, your mediocrity by referring to problems? What kind of nonsense is this,� he exclaimed. A visibly angry Kweku Baako lamented over the lack of finesse used in addressing the misunderstanding between the caterers and the various Assemblies, leading to the ugly scenes recorded in some schools. �So we can�t as a nation do things in a better way? �A little bit of finesse, strategic thinking, patience could have been applied in re-fine tuning the programme�I�m sorry for sounding emotional today, because this is too simple, that�s why I�m angry. There are complex problems that as a nation will be difficult to address, but not this little one...oh Ghana, Nkrumah's Ghana,� he said.