Some Kumawood Movies Are Bad - Vivian Jill

Actress Vivian Jill Lawrence is not happy about the rate at which unqualified moviemakers have entered the Kumawood movie industry.

She blames these unprofessional filmmakers for the chaffs produced from the industry which generate insults and hatred for Kumawood moviemakers.

The beautiful actress in an interview with disclosed that she is choosy when accepting movie roles. According to her, unknown persons “wake up one day and they just start shooting movies”.

“They are damaging things. Now everybody is shooting movie so it’s not everybody I accept his script.

Someone will call and you have never heard his name before but he will tell you he is a director and he wants you to help him. With those ones I do not waste my time on them.

There are some people who might not be directors but because they have been following how movies are shot, they think they can also direct movies but they know nothing.” She admitted that some Kumawood movies are bad.

“Anytime I watch our movies, I realise some of them are bad. That is why I’m very careful when it comes to scripts I accept”.

She quickly added, “for now it looks like many are learning. Most of them are being vigilant”.

Vivian Jill whose latest movie “Adepa” will be out in April further explained that she will not blame one person for polluting the industry but all stakeholders.

“I will blame all of us if the industry is not developing. If the actors, directors, producers and other crew members work very well, there is no way the industry will collapse”.

Talking about the movie, “Adepa”, she praised director of the film, Solomon Frimpong aka Osofo Ba even though it was her first time working with him.

“It was my first time working with the director of the movie but I was happy to be on his set because Bill Asamoah, Bernard Amoako and other casts who have worked with him before gave good report about him so I knew the job was going to be good. We never encountered a problem on set whilst shooting the movie, Adepa” the lead character of the movie confessed.

Adepa is a movie produced by Atta Boakye’s A.B Films and directed by Solomon Frimpong aka Osofo Ba. The movie will be out in April this year.