GAWU And ICU Fails Again…Dr. Stephen Opuni Triumph

Isolated GAWU and ICU orchestrated demonstration against Dr. Opuni failed spectacularly - with its failed leaders renting a crowd to do its bidding.

The rented crowds are no staff of COCOBOD but some dismissed staff who engaged in theft and diversion of fertilizers, chemicals and cocoa. They are wee smokers as well as drunkards and have no association with COCOBOD.

The leaders of GAWU and ICU must be arrested immediately to offer prove of the true identity of the so called "Staff of COCOBOD".

To mobilize unknown people in the name of Staff of COCOBOD is criminal. This is very serious and totally unacceptable.

Staff of COCOBOD are very responsible people and if are truly concern about issues which affect the stability and prosperity of COCOBOD will deal with it through laid down rules and appropriate channels - not through street mobilization.

The failed leaders of GAWU and ICU are desperate. This desperation is to do anything and everything possible to save their respective Unions from loss of huge membership and substantial revenue occasioned by the irreversible breakaway.

To this end, they want to go down with Dr. Opuni by tarnishing his hard earned reputation.

Is it not strange that leadership of GAWU and ICU have gathered at the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations with the same petition they claimed in a joint press statement - they have already submitted to the Chief of Staff at the Flagstaff House.

Is the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations superior to the Flagstaff House?

The Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations must be careful it is not trap and dragged into GAWU/ICU's obviously dubious character assassination against Dr. Stephen Opuni.

Long Live Dr. Stephen Opuni!!!!

Long Live COCOBOD!!!!

Long Live Ghana!!!


By Concerned Staff of COCOBOD


Ebenezer Arkutu.. 0244131326  Spokesman,

Margaret Afriyie..0208773907 Convener,

Francis Achaew...020849043 Member,

Regina Frimpomaa.. 0201844010 Organizer,

Nana Kyei..0208339516 Member