My Absence In Twi Movies Have Affected Sales of Kumawood Movies - Mr. Beautiful

Clement Bonney known in showbiz circles as Mr. Beautiful in an interview on Onua FM has said movie producers in Ashanti Region have sidelined him but his absence has reduced the quality of movies produced in the Region.

Mr. Beautiful openly displayed his political colours during the 2012 general elections by supporting the current President, Dramani Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC). According to Mr. Beautiful, ever since he declared His support for the president, producers in the Ashanti region have neglected him and have refused to cast him for any movie.

In an interview on Onua FM, the comedian-actor said, he is not troubled movie producers have sidelined him, “Life has a stage, but my absence has reduced their quality of content, I have my followers, my followers won’t buy any kumawood movie without me, I brought another movement into our local movie industry, if because of declaring my support for president Mahama they have sideline me cool, I’m back to my business, I have an advertising agency.”

Mr Beautiful dismissed allegations that President Mahama has bought him a car.