"Having An Affair" Allegations Have Had Some Ripple Effect On My Wife - Van Vicker

Van Vicker has finally broken his silence after the husband of his manager Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah accused her of sleeping around with him [Van Vicker].

The husband claimed he had enough evidence to back up his accusations even though he was yet to release any.

Van’s manager, Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah days after the accusation finally broke her silence about the allegations leveled against her claiming she was not having an affair with the actor and neither has she ever slept with him.

In a media statement, she categorically denied the affair and explained that her husband had serious security issues and kept harassing every male friend in her life.

A few days back, the husband of Dr. Clarice, Dr. Bartum Kulah who is based in Atlanta Georgia opened up on the allegation, describing it as “unguided”. The businessman took to social media to apologize to the Van Vicker and his family for the harm he could have caused them during the period.

Touching on the subject, the star actor who currently promoting his yet to be released Black Monkey film elaborated on the effects of the accusation on his family;

“It definitely has some ripple effect on my wife and on my kids, because my kids will go to school and their colleagues will tell them ‘they are saying this about your father. Same way when the ebola story broke.” He told pluzzfm. “These are things that come with the business and it’s very negative. All I can do is speak to my kids and let them know what the story is and whatever they hear about Daddy, they shouldn’t take it. They should ask Daddy what it is and whatever Daddy tell them that’s the truth and they should stick to that story.

“It has affected me in a number of ways but I’m glad that Dr. Kulah realized his mistake and he came out to apologize and that’s where we are and that’s where I will leave it.”

As to whether he will continue working with Dr. Clarice, Van concluded;

“Well, I did tell her to go make amends with his husband just to make sure everything is in place because I don’t want a situation where he comes back again and says whatever he said he’s retracting it and now he is saying this. And I know the media guys will love that regardless of what he said earlier. The media guys will still love it. So I told her to go settle it and at the right moment we can start working again.”