Sarkodie's Lawyer Apologises To GTP

Ace broadcaster and lawyer for hiphop act, Sarkodie, Moses Foh Amoaning has apologised to GTP and all Ghanaians for Sarkodie’s use of ‘GTP’ in his #Kanta diss song to rapper M.anifest. 

Sarkodie in the diss song to Sarkodie said:
Tie! me tɔɔ dross wɔ Kanta, salmon, agushi ne hamper 

Terry me serɛ wo a bɔ mɔden a na girl na ɔkɔ ɔn-drop-e ne number

See me I’m far from a rapper

Me no me swag yɛ dapper

Obi bɛ diss-e me a na ɛnyɛ rapper ɔde GTP ntoma pam kaba 

Me no me rap yɛ authentic

Jay-Z a ya mix-e with Kendrick

Nansa yi sɛ boys nni swag na sɛ ntaade no nnɔɔso a ɔmo claim-e afro-centric

Ntɔtɔfeefee wanna diss

But according to Sarkodie's lawyer, Moses Foh Amoaning, his client was a bit carried away because of emotions and that, he was very angry. He again apologised for the 'Afrocentric' line. 

His lawyer further said Ghanaians have known Sarkodie over the years and they are aware that Sarkodie is a different person. The lawyer also claimed that Sarkodie did not mean to ridicule GTP textiles. 

Speaking on Adom FM, Lawer Foh Amoaning said, “I won’t beat about the bush, let me on behalf of the SarkCess family and Sarkodie apologise to GTP and all Ghanaians. When you are rapping and want to respond in a metaphorical manner, that’s one of the things that happen.

He continued, “We (Ghanaians) have listened to his raps over the years, and we all know that that’s not how he is, he didn’t in any way meant to disrespect the GTP brand. He didn’t mean to condemn the GTP brand at all. 

“It’s like he was angry. I apologise to all Ghanaians and again, GTP and Mark Okraku Mantey is going too far,” he added.