Ghana Underdeveloped Because Of English Language � Kwaku Manu

Kumasi-based actor, Kwaku Manu has said Ghana is wallowing in underdevelopment because the country has failed to pride its local languages over the Queen’s.

Speaking on ‘The Profiler’ on Hitz FM, Sunday, Kwaku Manu could not fathom why politicians interact with their constituents in their respective local languages during campaign periods but communicate in English after winning elections.

According to Kwaku Manu, the country should make Akan its official language because majority of the populace understand the language and can express themselves very well.

He believes that English language has become a hindrance to the progress of some individuals who are talented yet, cannot express themselves in the Queen’s language.

“The Akan language consists of Asante, Fante, Akyim, Akuapem, Brong etc. At the same time, there are Ewes, Frafras who can speak any of these languages. About 80% of Ghanaians cannot speak and write English well. Just 20% can. 10% out of that 20 speak the Akan language… Look, we are underdeveloped because we don’t speak good English. We can’t speak better than the whites. Every country speaks its language so why is Ghana the exception? Why do we say English is our first language? I can clearly say I can’t speak English, I dropped out of school, but how many people can boldly say same? Most parliamentarians cannot communicate in English. Because of that, they never contribute to discussions on the floor of parliament,” he said.

Kwaku Manu is of the greatest conviction that Ghana will see a greater transformation should the country prioritise local languages, adding that countries that have made use of their local languages have seen progress than those who have not.

He expressed worry that chiefs and kings who are supposed to be custodians of culture decide to communicate in English during occasions.

“The kings even break my heart the more. During a gathering, they speak English just because there are some whites among those present. You speak English forgetting that majority of your people do not understand that language,” he noted