Ghana May Not Achieve 100% SDGs - Mona Quartey

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Mona Quartey has said though it will be difficult for Ghana to attain hundred precent target for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the country will certainly achieve an enviable status.

The SDGs was adopted by world leaders in September 2015 and sets out 17 audacious targets for improving every country by 2030.

The goals cut across areas such economy, social, health, environment and good governance.

“These goals are goals that are set not with the expectation that you will achieve 100% but that at least you will make the effort and achieve them someway. And the good thing is that Ghana in particular has set the pace for most of the African countries in achieving some of these goals,” the deputy Minister added. 

Speaking to Citi News, Mona Quartey explained that the goals are not set not with the expectation of achieving hundred percent but for countries improve upon their current conditions for the good of its people.

She added that the country could applaud itself for setting the pace for other countries.

“We have achieved many of the goals already at different levels, maybe at 20, 30 or 50 but we’ve achieved a lot. For instance, poverty reduction, we have achieved that by 50% already so we half way there.”

Monda Quartey noted that “If you look at the areas of health; immunisation, Ghana has just done so well in this area. In terms of the macro economy, we’ve stabilised the currency, in fact we’ve stabilised most of the economic indicators and Ghana is ready for another spurt of growth.”

“We had some growth a few years ago but we are ready for another spurt of growth and we will continue to be the rising star in the black star of Africa. We should aim at it, but if we are unable to achieve 100% and we achieve 80 or 90, we done very well,” she added.