Kumi Guitar’s New Song ‘Obra’ Saves Woman From Suicide Attempt

Aunty Esther a new caller on Kasapa FM’s Entertainment show, called in after a studio interview with Kumi Guitar on his new song ‘Obra’ to express her appreciation to the artiste for his encouragement.

Speaking with host, Kojo Preko Dankwa onKasapa Entertainment, the saddened mother of three noted that “One of the issues Kumi touched on in his song (Obra) which made her felt sad was about single parents who are unable to buy books for their kids to study after paying for their school fees.

“I found myself in this similar situation because I struggled to pay my kids school fees but I couldn’t afford their books.

“Though my parents couldn’t afford to pay my fees, I don’t want to see my kids in that same situation so I made it my responsibility to make sure my children get the best education but things have become so difficult for me to get their books.”

Aunty Esther told host, Kojo Preko Dankwa how life has been unbearable for her to cope with and had almost tried taking her life since she is unable to get herself and the children out of the entangled condition.

Listeners of the show called in during the phone in segment to lend a helping hand to Aunty Esther hence the Kasapa Entertainment Team got an accessible mobile money number through which listeners who were touched by the sad story of the woman could send some donations.

Nana Yaw Kumi popularly known as Kumi Guitar some days ago released his latest touching song titled ‘Obra’.

Kumi explained that his reason for singing about life (Obra) was because of what he is been through his entire life but couldn’t get the little help he desired to make his dream a reality.