Musical Beefs Are Not Healthy For An Election Year -Choirmaster

Citing the trending lyrical war between Sarkodie and Manifest as a case study, Choirmaster says although their lyrical battle is very creative, the whole musical rivalry is generally not healthy for Ghana’s forthcoming elections.

Speaking exclusively to Flex Newspaper, the Hiplife artiste applauded the creativity being exhibited by the two fabulous rappers, but advised they put a halt to it to prevent any form of violence amongst fans.

”I find the creative aspect from both parties very interesting and I think budding artistes ought to pick one or two lessons from that. However, the way fans of Manifest and Sarkodie are blowing the beef out of proportion and literally attacking each other on social media is not very healthy for a year like this in Ghana. This beef should be ended before things get out of control.”, Choirmaster reiterated.

The Catwalk hit maker further stated that, his fellow artistes need to be pushing a peaceful agenda through music, concerts, games and others in the course of the year, rather than engaging in acts that would tear people apart.

”If musical beefs like what is trending now can cause commotion on social media and have some people also fighting physically in the course of heated arguments on the said songs in contention, why not record songs that will unite us as a people rather?”, he queried.
Choirmaster is calling on every Ghanaian to desist from personally taking musical wars upon themselves and abusing each other, when parties of such controversies are usually friends in real life.

In his final words, he thanked all and sundry who keep pushing his Catwalk, Hook Me Up, Pull Me Down, Obsession, etc.