Agya Koo�s Secret Recording Was Edited; Here's Why!

A secret recording of a chat actor Agya Koo had with an unknown individual was released this week to confirm an allegation made by Michael Kwaku Ola, former FIPAG PRO that Agya Koo rescinded his decision to endorse NDC because his offer to the ruling party was not granted.

After reported of the secret audio which had a voice believed to be the Kumawood actor, many Ghanaians raised salient questions.

According to social media commentators, the audio was doctored to achieve the aim of the person who tampered with it. They said the veteran actor mentioned a name in the audio but it's taken off which does not give the true meaning of Agya Koo’s message.

Some also questioned the individual who was talking to Agya Koo on phone. Michael Kwaku Ola who sent the audio to has confirmed to Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua FM in Accra that the audio has been edited.

Explaining why some parts of the secret conversation between Agya Koo and the unknown person have been taken off, he disclosed that “edited because there are certain information which would divert the purpose of releasing the tape.”

“If he (Agya Koo) comes to disprove that it’s not his voice, I’ll add the remaining part. The second thing is, he has not been able to disprove that he wanted money and he didn’t get. Also, he has not disproved that NPP came to see him for endorsement.” he said.

Ola refused to name the person who was on the phone with Agya Koo because “in journalism, people give information telling you that they are giving out credible information but under an oath of anonymity or oath of secrecy. You don’t come and tell the world that it is this person who gave me this vital information and its acceptable in our domain so I won’t mention the person if you ask me thousand times.

Listen to Agya Koo’s secret recording below: