OJ Blaq Pivots To Gospel And Renounces Secular Music

Yaw Siki turned to God after surviving a horrific accident. OJ Blaq is now doing it. There’s a reason some Christians roam hospitals and try to get people on the verge of death to convert to their religion. It’s at the time of man’s greatest terror that the imaginary comforts offered by religion seem most tempting.

It also easily explains why on average, the poor and downtrodden are more religious than the wealthy and affluent. Religion is a an escape from a harsh reality.

We’re not begrudging OJ Blaq his decision to go pious after what must surely have been a difficult time, but we would be remiss if we didn’t point out the obvious.

The former hiplife star recently developed a life threatening kidney condition for which he has been receiving treatment, and now on the verge of getting healed, has renounced secular music and his handing his life to Christ.

The ‘Charley Wote’ hitmaker has revealed to Dr Pounds on Hitz Fm his decision to turn into a Gospel singer going forward. He said what God has done for him has driven his decision and that it’s by no means a knock on the merits of secular music.

“I will however not record secular music again but Gospel. I am not saying secular artiste are not God’s own but for what God has done for me I want to preach about God to people,” he said.

“I will go back to the studio soon, I have spoken to Richie and other producers. I am not fully fit but I still want to do [gospel] music,”

A little thought experiment for those furious with the obvious – if this happened to an Indian singer, they would undoubtedly turn to one of the numerous Hindu gods as their saviour and become a ‘gospel’ singer for that god. How right would you think that singer was if you heard their story?