Atsu Missed Out On No.7 Jersey At Newcastle After Losing Penalty Shoot-Out To Teammate

On-loan Newcastle winger Christian Atsu missed out on his favourite No.7 shirt at the club after losing a penalty shootout competition to Achraf Lazaar.

The two players had requested to that number so manager Rafa Benitez resolved the situation by telling the players to take part in a penalty shoot-out with the winner then handed the squad number.

Lazaar said: ''The reason I have this number is because my favourite numbers were 7, 3 or 17. I always believe I have the best chance wearing these squad numbers.

''When I signed for Newcastle, the number 3 shirt was taken by Paul Dummett. After, I looked at what was left and myself and Christian Atsu picked, but Atsu liked 7 too.

''The manager told us to have a penalty shoot-out to decide who got 7. I have had 7 all of my career and this was my chance to get it again.

''I won the penalty competition then I had to say sorry to Atsu because he is my friend!

''I love him but I had to say it was my number!''