Ecobank Unveils Transformational Digital Products In Ghana

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Ecobank Group, Ade Ayeyemi as part of unveiling Ecobank’s widespread digital array showcasing its products and services across its unparalleled Pan-African network has revealed the Ecobank Mobile App to Ghanaian audience at World Trade Centre in Accra.

He mentioned that Ecobank Digital leverages the power of technology to deliver instant, convenient and cost-effective solutions to customers around Africa.

He revealed that, Ecobank Mobile App, Ecobank Xpress Account, internet banking, Pan African Card, Automated teller Machines, Points of Sale terminals, are just some of the digital solutions created to make banking easier, more accessible and affordable than before.

Speaking in an interview with, Mr. Ayeyemi said “Ecobank digital platforms offer an opportunity to develop new, previously unimagined services for our customers- to help use money more effectively. The power of digital banking has the potential to unlock enormous lifestyle, business and other financial opportunities across Africa”.

“Ecobank’s digital offerings are opening up financial services to the unbanked, while serving existing customers at a whole new level. This will help transform our continent and leapfrog economic development”, he emphasized.

Speaking to the gathering, Ecobank Ghana’s Managing Director and Regional Executive Anglophone West Africa, Mr Dan Sackey also added that “by leveraging the power of digital, Ecobank is freeing up customers, including merchants, in Ghana and West Africa to grow their businesses and live their lives more easily. Ecobank Ghana- Ghana’s biggest bank- is here to support the country’s already strong economy to grow further”.

Ecobank’s flagship Ecobank Mobile App was first launched in Lagos, Nigeria, on 20th October 2016. Ecobank Mobile App boosts the spread of Ecobank Digital products, allowing wherever, whenever banking, bill payments and receipts, all online.

According to Owureku Asare, the Regional Head, Cards and eBanking, Ecobank Anglophone West Africa, “Ecobank Mobile App enables customers to open a free digital account- Ecobank Xpress Account. The beauty of this account is that you can open it instantly with no references or paperwork”.

“Ecobank Digital means borderless banking. For example, the Ecobank Mobile App enables customers to send and receive money instantly across 32 other African countries, other than Ghana”, he reiterated.

“Ecobank Ghana has grown over the years to become the biggest bank in Ghana. With the App, Ghanaians now have the opportunity to carry out transactions on their phones no matter where they are in the country”, he opined.

Animated films of the Ecobank Mobile App and the bank’s other digital offerings were shown at the event.