Bad Breath� this is what to do

Bad breath is a major turn off. Not only does it exclude you from meaningful and meaningless conversations, but it also gives you insecurity because, well, people wouldn�t want to be near you. You can call it discrimination but people in general will really stay away from people with bad breath. It can cripple you social life, and will definitely pose a problem with your love life. Of course everyone wants that fresh minty kiss. Bad breath or halitosis is usually caused by bacteria that live in the back of your mouth and on the back of the tongue. You can brush your teeth or even drink your mouth wash, but you�ll never get rid of bad breath that easy. The most popularly advertised anti-bad breath products include mouthwash brands, breath mints, mouth sprays, and toothpaste brands but these won�t remove your bad breath permanently. Those that have alcohol content just dries up your mouth leaving you with a more stinky mouth than before. If you�re one of those unlucky ones, then you really should be doing something about it. Consult with your dentist for your treatment. Poor dental health and bad conditions of teeth and gums are also causes of the bad mouth odor. After your dentist appointment, follow a strict oral hygiene. It would also be smart to know which foods make bad breath worse. If you have halitosis, better refrain from eating garlic, onion, and other foods with strong and spicy odours. If your breath still reeks even after dealing with all your oral disorders and changing your diet, then you might want to check with your doctor. Chronic halitosis may mean something is wrong with your digestive tract.