Students To Vote Out Prez Mahama Hence Govt Strategise To Restrain The Number Of Students To Vote

The loud silence of the Ministry of Education or Government in this crucial time where Ghanaian students have been directed by Ghana Education Service (GES) to choose between their Civil Responsibility (to vote) or Exams (education) is shocking and suspicious due to the Government's poor performance in the education sector and unfriendly attitude towards students.

The Mahama Led Government since 2012 has taken hostile decisions where students always have to protest and demonstrate to display displeasure. Hikes in tuition and boarding fees of SHS,  University Students to pay utilities, 25% corporate tax on private tertiary institutions, cancellation of teacher trainees allowance, cancellation of nursing trainees allowance, just to mention a few are some of the disheartening decisions by President Mahama (Youthful President) whom one may think he is the one to understand the students and youth of this country but to the contrary.

Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana empowers every citizen of Ghana of 18 years of age or above and of sound mind to register as a voter and vote in public elections and referenda. This right is not restricted to students but the Government through the GES is directly or indirectly restricting students to exercise their franchise.

The GES has hypothetically instructed that Wedenesday, 7th December, 2016 is not a holiday, therefore all teachers, students and educational workers are supposed to be at post after voting knowing very well that it is impossible for many.

Is the Government not aware that some students and teachers have to travel far and near to go and vote?

Why has the Government empowered some head of schools to even schedule 6th and 8th December 2016 as days for examination?

How is the Government expecting students who have exams on the day of election 7th December to be able to go out and vote?

How is the Government expecting students who have exams a day after election, 8th December to travel home, join long cues, vote, and travel back to school same day for exams the next day?

The conduct of the Government convinces me as a former student leader and youth activist that, it would do everything possible in it's power to limit the number of students to vote because "THE STUDENTS SHALL VOTE PRESIDENT MAHAMA OUT".

President Mahama and the NDC Government's evil strategy to prevent students from voting them out has been exposed.