Rush For ‘Christmas Animals’ High

There is fierce competition between butchers and Christmas celebrants over animal purchases in the Bolgatanga animal market as Christmas gets closer.

The monopoly of butchers buying animals to slaughter and sell in smaller quantities to members of the public has been broken at least for the yuletide period because farmers prefer selling their animals to Christmas celebrants for the higher prices they offer.

When the GNA interviewed Mr Biisnaba Kolgo, a Butcher at the Old Slaughter House in Bolgatanga, he said on Thursday which was Bolgatanga market day, goats and sheep were scarce leading to high competition between butchers and individual buyers who bought the animals in preparation for the Yuletide.

Meanwhile, at the Bolgatanga Animals Market sizeable goats and sheep are sold for between GHC150.00 and 300.00.

At some of the cold stores the Ghana News Agency visited it was observed that business was swift as customers poured in to buy frozen fish and poultry products.

Prices of other food stuff remained the same over the period as a 5 liter gallon of Frytol oil went for GHC30.00 while a bag of 5 kg polished rice was sold for GHC23 and GHC 33.00 respectively.