Re: I Will Not Get Involved In Politics - Juliet Asante

My attention has been drawn to your publication dated 27th December 2016, which heads 'I will not enter into politics' - Juliet Asante.

Anyone who cares to read the full article will ascertain the misrepresentation in the heading. Alas, not many people will read the full article.

On the interview on Myjoyonline, I stated clearly that to the point where I feel a strong conviction for politics and any of the political parties, I will not offer an endorsement (as I do feel that I have a responsibility to the ears and eyes who follow me to only offer my true self), however, what I will do when I do have that conviction, Is to get completely involved in the party's activities; as I am not one to be on the sidelines, offering endorsements.

It is unfair and misleading to preempt my ambition or lack thereof in the way the paper did. I feel it is my responsibility to therefore clarify this in the spirit of exactly what I said and fair journalism.

Having said what I said, I did express my excitement at the political dexterity and growth that the Good people of Ghana have showed and further expressed the hope that the incoming government will pay close attention to possibly revolutionizing the educational sector, as I feel that the educational system we have was designed for a people in a different context. I.e. A people under colonial rule, whose key role were to acquire the expertise needed to implement the policies of the colonial masters.

In line with where we want to go as a people, it is now time to perhaps revisit the roots of our existing mindset as a people. I also besieged the incoming government to pay close attention to the Creative Arts and Tourism sector.

All the super powers dominate the world via soft Power, not guns. Music, Arts, films, fashion, etc. Within the subregion, Ghana falls behind Nigeria and South Africa.

In Nigeria for instance, film is the second largest employer after Agriculture, contributing over 9 billion to GDP. In a country such as Ghana, with such high unemployment rates, these opportunities can serve as low hanging fruits in the short term.

We are all on this plane called Ghana together and my fervent hope is that the pilot will take us safely to the destination we signed him on for.

Thank you. - Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante