Mobile Web Ghana To Train Entrepreneurs To Make Money On The Internet

The internet is almost endless hence it presents a world of opportunities to users. According to, as at June 2016, there were about 8 million internet users in Ghana.

This is probably the biggest marketplace in the country, but how many are equipped with the right tools to gain access to sell in this market? How costly is it to sell on the internet? What strategies work in online marketing? Is it comparably cheaper to advertise on the internet than mainstream media?

Many companies have taken advantage of the opportunities the internet presents and have become global heavyweights in business.

Notable amongst such companies is facebook. Facebook has over 1 billion users globally and 3.5 million users in Ghana. In Ghana, there are numerous companies and personalities who have used the internet to make fortunes. Some of the companies that are making it big on the internet are TONATON and Jobberman.

Mobile Web Ghana has introduced a new course in Internet Entrepreneurship training starting February 4, 2017, for entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals in Ghana. The training fee is 799.00 Ghana cedis and it will be held and Mobile Web Ghana, Agbogba - North Legon. This training will be held only on Saturdays.

The course is intended for people who want to build ethical skills in how to make a living on the internet. Mobile Web Ghana believes the internet is replete with resources and avenues for people to contribute knowledge and earn money however, very few people are taking advantage of these resources to generate income.

“This course will bring together experienced trainers who have ethically made significant earnings from the internet to teach newbies the secrets of generating income from the internet,” said Kwabena Okyire Appianing, Digital Media  Training Consultant  at Mobile Web Ghana.

He went on to stress on the importance of this course to potential participants. “The internet has leveled the playing fields for economic independence, it’s a skill that must be learned and practiced,” Appianing added.

Some of the modules for the Internet Entrepreneurship Training Include:

Forex Trading,  E-Commerce/Dropshipping

Affiliate Marketing, Teaching Online

Self-publishing, Freelancing

Blogging, Social Media

The course is open to the general public and requires a strong desire to learn and use the knowledge that will be taught.