My Dad Was My Greatest Inspiration � Kwabena Kwabena

Highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena has revealed his late father inspired him the most regarding his decision to pursue a career in music.

According to him, his father loved a wide genre of songs including traditional music, reggae, jazz, and a few others, hence also grew up to love music.

Speaking on Accra 100.5FM’s midmorning show, Ayekoo Ayekoo, hosted by Nana Romeo on Friday January 27, the ‘Dadie Anoma’ hit maker said: “I will say that my first inspiration came from my father. My father was someone who loved music a lot when I was growing up. And so I remember I heard all kinds of music my father listened to. He was a wide listener. He loved reggae, jazz, hip hop, local and traditional music, and so I will say that was where I really began.”

When asked whether he regretted not pursuing a more lucrative career sports given his talents as a footballer, he said:

“It depends on how you measure riches. I don’t measure riches that way. I feel that riches are when you are in a position where you are at peace with your heart and very comfortable with whatever you are doing. So I will say music has been the best thing ever to happen to me and I will never regret ever being a musician.”