Galaxy Describe Ghanaian Video Directors As Incompetent And Lazy

The “Gborgborvor” hitmakers on Adom FM’s entertainment show expressed disgust over music videos directed by Ghanaians.

Kwesi Dave and Bra Chicki described Ghanaian music video directors as lazy and incompetent people who do not improve on their works. They spit this venom to explain why they contracted a Michael Williams, a Nigerian music video director to shoot the video for their latest single, Dab.

Gallaxy during the conversation rated the ‘Dab’ music video directed by the Nigerian above all their music videos directed by Ghanaians.

“The Ghanaian video directors are not competent and again they do not learn on the job to produce quality videos, they are lazy and do not have time for the job but Nigerian directors are dope and have time for whatever they do”, they accused.

They added, ‘the only thing a Ghanaian director knows is renting a camera and start shooting without learning on the specific job for someone to have a feel of good visuals’.

They noted that most of the directors they have worked with have produced what they described as ‘rubbish’, which could not enhance their promotion.

“We are not saying Ghanaian directors are not good but the Nigerians have time for their works which Ghanaians should emulate to produce quality”, they said.

They further noted that Nigerians do not produce any better songs than Ghanaians but always have better and quality videos to support their songs which Ghanaians lack.

“Nigerians don’t compose any better songs but when you watch their videos, they in a way tell you the meaning of the song for you to have that feeling”, they said.