'Ghana Is What It Is Today Because Of Me' - Counselor Lutterodt

Marriage counselor, Rev. George Lutterodt once again in a very controversial posturing has attributed Ghana’s status as a country to his outstanding counseling prowess.

In a live video on facebook Counselor Lutterodt is seen telling Ghanaians to appreciate the exceptional work he does. According to him, his counselling services rendered under the oath of secrecy over the years has saved many marriages and lives which otherwise would have been lost out of marital depression.

He added that many have been fortunate to escape suicide because they heeded to his wise counsel.

“I have saved so many relationships, so many that on the oath of secrecy and privacy, Ghana is what it is today because of me Counselor Lutterodt, in all humility, because the job I’m doing under the oath of secrecy, more people are not committing suicide because they have the liberty to walk out of a dying relationship”, he said.

Lutterodt who is known for his contentious statements and comments said that he is not perturbed by the backlash he receives from Ghanaians following his comments, according to him, they are inevitable, and “part of life”.

"I have not heard anybody criticising me before, they critique and it's okay for them to critique, it's part of life.