I Switched Off My TV set During Agya Koo’s Stage Play – Tommy Annan-Forson

Veteran broadcaster Tommy Annan-Forson has expressed disappointment about a play staged by Agya Koo and some Kumawood actors during Ghana’s 60th independence anniversary on Monday, March 6.

The Chief Executive Officer of RABODEF Radio Academy told Onua FM that: “We have foreign dignitaries, unfortunately I have to switch off because for me it was boring, I will not lie about it, I’m speaking the truth as it is, you to take it or you leave it”. “Ebo Whyte has got educative stories, he’s got humor in his stories,” observed the man with over 36 years of experience in radio and television.

“I thought that could have been one area they could have exploited. The drama troupe yes, but how many people understood the message they were trying to portray. As a Ghanaian yes we would understand it, but what will the foreigner going to take away and say I went to Ghana to watch their 60th anniversary parade and this is what I saw but I didn’t understand it.

“Everybody is trained: a doctor is trained, you are trained, a musician is trained, even the president is trained on how to speak,” he built up his point. “It was appalling to listen to some commentary that was being run even live at the Independence Square. It was very sad.