I am Not A Lesbian - Ohemaa Woyeje

Renowned female host of Adom FM’s ‘Work and Happiness’, Harry Adjoa Yeboah Asuama popularly known as Ohemaa Woyeje has rubbished rumors that she is a lesbian.

Some listeners of her award-winning mid-morning show during her Friday show sent text messages seeking to know if there were some truth in the rumours that has been circulating on social media.

One of the numerous texters claimed in her message that she has been defending the Mid-morning show host on several platforms when the rumours are repeated.

After reading the message to the hearing of all, Ohemaa Woyeje explained that she was and would never be a lesbian.

“Oh, my Goodness! Did you just say that (am a lesbian)? God forbid. God Forbid!,” she exclaimed. She further challenged any person who has evidence of her involvement in any act like that to come public with the truth.

“If there is any woman who thinks she’s had an affair with me, she should come out to say it publicly.

“We can even bet money on that. I am a very straight person and I can’t lay with any woman. How can I be having sex with a woman? That is never true…” she responded.