C-Real's Multiples of C Mixtape Out

C-Real�s first ever mixtape, THE MULTIPLES OF �C�, was released on November 3rd 2009. This mixtape will show to the world the different angles through which he lives his life and approaches his dreams. He says �I believe we all have more than one dream, but most of the time, only achieve one. I am trying to grip on my talents as well as professional life�.IT�S LIKE MORE THAN ONE PERSON IN ME.� The young dynamic artiste, with sick sword edge lyrics and rhymes, who likes to to be thought as a �WORDSMITH�, growing over the years, has come to understand the used of words in almost all creative formats. C-Real does not only do rap. He writes poems, plays, stories, and also runs a creative agency, with a degree in psychology, from the University of Ghana. The Channel-O Mc Africa 1st runner up, has been in and out of rap, but is now here to stay. The 7 track mixtape, with 2 skits, only features two underground artistes, UNO and A.ma. It is a display of good word play. This mixtape is an introduction to his real self. He says, it is an exhibition mixtape, just to give the people who ARE NOT hating on him, something to hold on to, while he cooks up something spectacular for next year.