Rockstone 'Unconciously' fuels Chaos

There have been several publications following Reggie Rockstone�s pronouncements on TV3�s Spotlight programme. Most of such publications blatantly supported and endorsed his views where as other merely reported. In the rare appearance on a live television programme, Reggie Rockstone edged Okyeame Kwame to reply Obrafour and Guru�s �Kasiebo�. Most people consider the song as an attack on Obour, Okyeame Kwame and the song �Killing the Game�. Reggie also shares the notion that it is an attack but thought that it warranted a reply. I believe that songs like that of Obrafour will always be there but as much as possible we should be preaching against them rather than fueling them. The east coast/west coast music war started just as a �diss� from one artiste to the other and ended up claiming the lives of perhaps the two top artistes hip hop has ever produced. The Grand papa as he is affectionately called should have discouraged the practice rather than entreat Okyeame Kwame to reply the song. believes that the attacks on Obour and Okyeame Kwame as well as the song �killing the Game� was unprovoked and obviously unwarranted. Reasons for the attack are still unknown but for those who maintain that it was a marketing and publicity track, they should rethink. If Obrafour is one of such people then he does not know his place on the music scene. Obrafour on any day and any time is news besides the concept and style of the song �Kasiebo� is so good and exceptional that he did not need to attack any one to receive the attention of the media. Obrafour should issue an unqualified apology to Okyeame Kwame, Obour and all who were involved in producing �Killing the Game�. The grand papa�s place is to call such deviants or advocates of unwarranted war of words to book rather than encourage this unfortunate trend.