Delta Force’s Conduct Absolute Disrespect To Akufo-Addo’s Authority – A Plus

A Plus has condemned pro-NPP private security group, Delta Force, for allegedly assaulting newly appointed Ashanti Regional security coordinator and throwing him out of his office premises last week.

The musician took to his Facebook to condemn such acts of vandalisms from the incumbent government’s security affiliate and called on the police to deal with any persons involved in the said act.

“So how do you feel as a member of the NPP who believes and respects the president, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, when you hear that H. E has appointed someone and Delta force”

“Or whoever they are have gone to physically remove the person from office? Are you not insulting the president? Are you not undermining his authority?”

“Is that not to say that the president does not know his job? How can so called patriots disrespect the authority of the President like this?”

“As for me, like I've said over and over, I'll not do abahy? b?ne biaaa. What is wrong is wrong and if you NPP people think this the best way to run a country [think again]”

“So you'll insult anyone who condemns such shameful acts that is your own problem. If it's NDC we should condemn it in public but if it's NPP we should keep quite? What is the justification for what the Delta Force or whoever they are did?”