David Oscar Goes Back To Comedy

When he hanged his comedy gloves and came out with his song Get There One Day, comedian now turned musician, David Oscar, perhaps had the then tottering Ghanaian comedy industry in mind.

And now that the field he played a vital role in building seems to be finding its feet, the Legal Tender singer says he is ever ready to stage a comeback with his first love-comedy.

Speaking with Showbiz last Friday, David said he will go back to comedy if he gets a good offer.“Once a soldier, always a soldier, music is taking a bulk of my time now but if the audience want to see me, why not? If event organisers approach me and the offer is good, I will go for it. It is business so why not?” he explained.

David Oscar has no doubt been instrumental in taking Ghanaian comedy where it is now. He was the brainchild of the Corporate Comedy Series which  saw himself and other comedians take  humour mongering to places such as Koforidua, Tamale, University of Ghana Drama Studio as well as many other campuses throughout the country.

“Corporate Comedy Series was my platform and that is where the likes of DKB, Funny Face, Foster (who was on Stars of the Future with me), Khemikal, David Aglah, Jacinta and a host of others started their career so it is good to see that they are all doing well,” he said.

According to David, although there are still others who haven’t made it to mainstream comedy field yet, he is proud of all of them because the future looks bright.

As things are now, does David Oscar feel left out? “Not at all, I have dreams, hopes and most importantly the gift of life and that is what makes me happy and keeps me going,” he said.

David is now doing music full time but is he making an impact in that field? “The encouragement is okay, the response is fine and the feedback has also been very encouraging. Reggae is not as big as other genres, maybe in the course of time, I will try my hands at other genres.

“I get messages from people within my own circles and the people who are able to reach me. People are responding to what I put on my platforms but I believe that if I get a lot more platforms, I will make a bigger impact. I think the radio presenters should expand their repertoire of music, not all of us can pay payola,” he jokingly said.

As to what is to be expected of him in the near future, David had this to say, “expect more of me, I am an artiste constantly in search of means to expand myself, be it comedy, acting or music. Once it is the arts, I am all for it. I am an actor, a musician and a comedian so feel free to approach me and let’s talk business.”

“A lot of people want to have access to me, I’m very visible on social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my videos are on Youtube. My songs are on Soundcloud and those abroad can get my songs on ITunes and Amazon, look for me and let’s connect,” he concluded.