Lydia Forson On Dr Opuni Mother's Tomb

The mother of Dr. Stephen Opuni, a former CEO of Ghana CocoBod, was this weekend buried at Babianiha in the Brong Ahafo Region.

The tomb of the deceased has generated a lot of comments on social media and other media platforms.The tomb which is in a form of a building was financed by the children of the deceased to honor their mother.

The matter has dominated social media discussions throughout the weekend with people expressing a different opinion.

The woman was a successful cocoa farmer in the Brong Ahafo Region who owned many businesses in the region and beyond.

All her children are successful professionals including Dr. Opuni, a medical officer at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, two engineers based in the United States etc.

According to the children, they would have constructed something more elegant than what has become a public issue had it not been the political consequences their brother may suffer considering our polarized political environment and the associated mischiefs.

Responding to a post by one Kwame Gyan a popular social media commentator cum journalist, Madam Lydia Forson also a popular actress in the country, wrote this:

“Come on Kwame. I don’t get what this has to do with anything. How someone chooses to mourn or bury a loved one is entirely up to them no matter how ridiculous we may think it is.

You can’t and shouldn’t compare how people bury their loved ones, that’s way below the belt. You know we can talk about issues without being petty, and dragging people’s personal lives and decisions into the mix.

This is how important issues lose their importance because we focus on all the wrong things. We pick at every single hair and become so petty that the REAL issue is overlooked. This is so not right I’m sorry.”

Dr. Andrews Prempeh a neurosurgeon based in Canada commenting on his Facebook wall and Twitter handle described the criticisms as primitive.

He said, the practice is a common one and nearly everyone who loses the mother feels, bereft.

He said if your mother struggled to sponsor your education and, other needs and, she passes on there is no reason why you should not honor her the way Opuni and his siblings did and supported his assertion with his adage “Grief is just loved with nowhere to go”. You must genuinely acknowledge that you are sad and, miss your mother and, one way of expressing that inner feeling is what Opuni and his siblings did or have done.

He, however, advised the public that such tombs shouldn’t be constructed in the cities because of a scarcity of land.