5 Things You Don't Know About Gospel Musician Diana Hopeson

Ghanaian gospel musician and a former President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Mrs. Diana Hopeson is undoubtedly an interesting personality.

The ace gospel singer, who is widely known for her angelic voice and love for humanitarian work has advocated for the mentoring of new talents for Ghana’s gospel music industry.

But, there are certain things you may not know about Mrs. Hopeson.

The singer who is set to release a new album titled “Aseda” by the end of this year, 2017 in an interview with JoyNews, reveals five interesting things she finds pleasure in doing.

Love for children

Mrs. Hopeson is indeed a great mother. She just can’t have enough of children. Her love for children has pushed her into finding means to assist in their grooming. To realize her goals of creating great leaders out of children, she has been supporting Sunday School teachers with special packages.

“When I see children perform I just shed tears and so I love encouraging those who work with children especially Sunday School teachers in the church. I have a whole package which I help Sunday School teachers with. I believe children are our next generation so must be given the needed attention,” she said.

Counselling and Mediation/ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

She is a counselor and has been trained mediation. Her special dispute resolution skills enable her settle issues among people who run to her for help. She also loves to listen and guide people in their career.


As a former student of the School of Performing Arts, she loves to dance and believes God becomes excited when he sees “us move our bodies to his glory”.

Dancing, she said, is a good way to exercise the body, therefore, on days she’s unable to engage in any other form of exercise she “warms the body with some moves”. Her favorite dance is the Adowa.

Playing tennis ball

Though she is not too good at playing tennis ball, she still finds it interesting.

“My husband took me for tennis training for a whole year, I still couldn’t play well so I told him to get me a dance trainer instead,” she playfully said.

Loves “good” Gospel music

She is unable to resist “good” gospel music and so goes “high” and does crazy things at the sound of any.

“When good gospel music is been played I just can’t resist it. I let go off myself and I am all over and sometimes I get caught up and I don’t even know what I’m doing but I’m just high up there,” she explained.