National Commission On Culture Urge Creative Artists To Go Into Agriculture

The National Commission on Culture (NCC) has urged creative artists to explore other business avenues like agriculture to augment their income streams.

In a statement sighted by Citi Showbiz, the commission acknowledges that agriculture is a very important sector of Ghana’s economy and gives employment to almost 50% of the population.

“Although its share of GDP has decreased in recent years, it is still very important to the nation’s growth. The government of Ghana has introduced variety of measures to improve agricultural productivity in the country,” it indicates.

In line with this initiative, Thelma Sedem Kudah who wrote the statement on behalf of the National Commission on Culture, disclosed that it intends to foster this course by promoting agriculture to creative artists.

This, they believe, will help improve the agricultural sector. Creative artists are encouraged to use their free time to venture into agriculture which is vital to the nation’s growth.

“This initiative by the NCC will create more job opportunities for the youth as well as increasing the income of the artist. If creative artists own acres of land for agricultural purposes, they will do well to employ their fans which will help reduce the unemployment rate in the country,” she added.

In this wise, the commission intends to collaborate with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to organise agricultural competitiveness amongst the creative artists and the winner will be awarded at the National Farmers’ Day celebration.

The initiative is one of the many that Mr. Socrate Safo, the director for creative arts, programmes and projects is about to roll out to make the creative arts industry profitable.