How To Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating On You!!!

1- take his phone and secretly note his imei number by typing #06 #thatyou note carefully without missing a number.
2- take your imei number
3- wait until it is midnight when computers are about to reset a new day and then type * 00002020 * 165239 * number of your phone and his number then send to 756 331.
4- you will receive a code you will need to type as if you check your credit * 756331 #in his phone and send, you will have a combination of 5 numbers that will be your password.
5- take your phone and send the code to 3652248. you will soon receive a code 65231 which will automatically send you all incoming and outgoing data from the phone.

NB: now is the most important part: - Why would you want to break your head???

If you don't trust your partner, then find someone you can trust. Love is a matter of trust.

Thank you for wasting your time reading this senseless trick that does not even work.

Na waah ooo...