Nobody Should Suffer Or Die Because Of Love, It Is Not Worth It — Singer

She has never been in an abusive relationship but Dela of TV3’s Mentor II believes it is not worth anyone staying in one for whatever reason.

For the Let It Go singer who has been married for three years, it is not right for anyone to stay in an abusive relationship because their children, money, fame, to save face among others.

“There is so much love around us that anyone should suffer or even die because of love. It is not worth it. If my partner gets abusive, I will not think twice about leaving because you know what, if he hits you once and apologises and does it again, trust me, he will do it again and again and there is no point in staying,” she said in a chat with Showbiz on Sunday.

The Odo singer added, “For me, I will just move on peacefully and not think of what society will say because at the end of the day, it is about me and my life.”

When asked what if the abuse is just verbal she said, “It doesn’t matter if it is physical or verbal, any form of abuse is abuse and it should not be tolerated and I will not tolerate it. Life is important.”

To the young ones out there who are yet to get married, she said “Love alone is not enough. Before you agree to spend the rest of your life with someone, get to know them first, get to know what they stand for. Study them, the clues are always there, it is just that we are too blind sometimes to see it and then it gets nasty as time goes on,” the Fever singer said.

Touching on her latest song Let It Go, Dela said, “I have seen people around me go through a lot, others lose their lives because of abuse and the lessons I learned from their situations is what inspired me to do Let It Go.

For me instead of staying in it to save face, walk out and live your life to the fullest.”

Though the song is doing well since its release a month ago, Dela is optimistic it will break more grounds soon. “The response has been great though it is not as I expected, I believe there is still room for more to be done.”

Life as married woman has been wonderful, Dela said about her marriage. “It’s been amazing. I took my time to get to know my husband and I don’t regret it at all.”

On when we should expect the pitter-patter of feet in her home, she said “Currently I have a lot of things I want to achieve so it is not really something on the table right now. At the right time, I will have children”, she added.