My Money And Current Riches Comes With My Success - Bola Ray

EIB Network CEO, Nat Kwabena Adisi has insisted that his desire to make money in life is motivated by the fact that he wants to create a comfortable life for his family and the generations to come.

According to him, as a person, he is content with what he has and can manage to have a decent livelihood but he wishes to ensure the people around him also have the best of life.

He notes that his money and current riches comes with his success.

Nat Kwabena Adisi, whose showbiz name is Bola Ray, revealed that he makes money to “create and share” explaining that “if it's only about me, I am okay, I will sleep in a one-bedroom house and all of that. It's about generation, it's about family, it's about putting your kids in good schools, putting food on the table.”

The popular TV and radio presenter said his desire to create and share wealth, goes beyond his family as he wishes to see those around him also live comfortable lives.

“I want to take people around me to get to the finish line. It shouldn’t be just Bola Ray, people around me, Paul Adom Otchere, Bernard Avle, Francis Abban, everybody lets get to the finish line” he stated.

Bola Ray is celebrated for his immense contribution to the entertainment industry in Ghana, especially the ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ music show which brings artists from Ghana and Nigeria on one platform.

However, Bola Ray, who has been the brain behind this programme over the past years said he was disappointed the country does not have arena’s or programme centres that can occupy large numbers.

He said building a centre that has capacity to contain thousands of people will reduce ticket cost and cost of putting the show together and also increase profit for organisers.

The EIB CEO has had an illustrious media career which includes his experience with JoyFM where he was drive-time host, and then as TV presenter he was the face of TV3’s music-music and now hosts StarrChat on Starrfm, a subsidiary of EIB network.

The Labadi Beach Hotel will be host to him and many other dignitaries who will throng the venue as he launches his book, an autobiography titled “It is possible”, on Thursday, September 21.